Welcome to BSPRI,
Bristol Society for Paranormal Research Investigation.

We use scientific methodology to investigate anomalous phenomena in the Bristol area and further afield. We have a dedicated team of investigators who are here to help investigation into alleged paranormal cases, and we also conduct research.

We are proud to be affiliated to the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP) and many of our team are ASSAP Approved Investigators.

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About Us

The Bristol Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation are a group of dedicated volunteer paranormal investigators who seek evidence and informative data for the existence or non-existence of ghosts and hauntings, UFOs, strange creatures, psychic phenomena and anything falling within the category of paranormal.

Many of the group are ASSAP members and some are Approved ASSAP Investigators (AAI). Our Vision is to become a leading edge paranormal research group that offers positive solutions to what seem like impossible situations.

Our vision is to create an environment where all members feel valued in their contribution whether through general discussion or professional investigations. Through our professionalism and high standards of protocol in executing investigations into paranormal activity we will offer legitimate, uncorrupted information supported by our Society's objectives.

Our Objectives:

  • To create an environment of a valued membership whereby paranormal discussions are viewed and openly discussed without prejudice or fear.
  • To scientifically and without prejudice explore all forms of paranormal activity and anomalous phenomena reported to the group.
  • To carry out professional investigations through on location research employing scientific methodology.
  • To report all findings through our website, Forum and the Society's reporting structure.

The BSPRI respect your privacy when conducting investigations. We have a strict code of ethics which we adopt which you can view here.

If you are experiencing phenomena which you cannot explain and you would like us to look into it, please contact us via the Contact Us page.

The Team

Luke Bisgrove
Luke joined the team in 2013 and has a lifelong interest in the paranormal. He is a core team member, ASSAP trained and member of the National Register of Professional Investigators.

Gina Brunt
Gina has been a member of BSPRI since 2015. Joining BSPRI has allowed Gina to investigate all aspects of paranormal phenomena. Having had several questionable experiences, this prompted Gina into researching more in this area. Being a member of the BSPRI team with like-minded people has proven beneficial in her research. It’s been a real eye opener for her! Gina is a member of ASSAP (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) and is an approved investigator on the National Register of Professional Investigators (NRPI).

Vitor Jesus
Having a rather sceptical mind by trade and from his educational background, Vitor is more than open to other worldviews. BSPRI opened the door to the fascinating world of paranormal investigations in 2016. He has participated in a number of activities, investigations and conferences with BSPRI along with of course the social scene of BSPRI.

Andrea Kay
Andrea has been a member of BSPRI since 2012, and is also a member of ASSAP (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena). Andrea has completed ASSAP’s training courses, and is now an approved investigator on the National Register of Professional Investigators (NRPI). Andrea’s aim is to find irrefutable scientific proof of the paranormal.


BSPRI adopt a policy of confidentiality for all private investigations referred to the team by members of the public. Here you will find details of public locations of interest, visited by the team, for investigation and research purposes, where we have permission to include them.

  • April 2017

    Newbridge Memorial Hall

    A return visit within six months, this time with Cymru Paranormal. This location has the lot when it comes to reported haunting phenomena. We were particularly hopeful of some poltergeist activity in the Library (flash to Ghostbusters scene).

  • March 2017

    Woodchester Mansion

    Another exclusive visit to this location to investigate auditory and physical phenomena. During a stormy, atmospheric night, some team members reported hearing the voice of a child.

  • November 2016

    Dr Jenners House

    BSPRI and Team Impact joined forces to investigate Dr Jenner’s House, one of our favourite locations. Based on witness testimony the teams investigated reported phenomena at this site and experienced some unexplained physical phenomena for themselves.

  • October 2016

    Newbridge Memorial Hall

    Members joined Team Impact for an investigation at this impressive location. Experiments were undertaken to establish the causes of mainly auditory phenomena experienced.

  • September 2016

    Redcliffe Caves

    This was an exclusive investigation of these fascinating caves and with the help of local historian and guide Alan Gray, we were able to experiment to ascertain causes of disorientation and dizziness at the site.

  • April 2016

    Woodchester Mansion

    The team returned to this location after a break of many years. Having interviewed two witnesses to phenomena, an exclusive investigation was conducted. Activity included an unexplained voice calling, heard by a number of the group.

  • Nov 2014

    Vassals Park

    The team braved the torrential rain to investigate reports of phenomena reported at Vassals Park by an unknown and 'masked' group of investigators. This had been reported in the local press coinciding with Halloween. The location does have a history of haunting going back over a hundred years at the Olbury Court Estate.

  • Oct 2014

    Skirrid Inn, Wales

    The team returned to the Skirrid Inn, Wales, with Bristol Ghost Club.

  • June 2014

    Leigh Woods, Bristol

    A few BSPRI team members tried to recreate the conditions and photograph published in the national press.

  • May 2014

    Littledean Jail

    BSPRI teamed up with ASSAP for a return visit to investigate the causes of the phenomena recorded by ASSAP's Andrew Homer on a previous visit.

  • Nov 2013

    Dr Jenner's House and Gardens

    BSPRI join forces with Bristol Ghost Club to carry out a second investigation of this location.

  • Oct 2013

    Charlfield Railway Station

    BSPRI members investigated the site of the infamous disaster 85 years on.

  • July2013

    Brean Down Fort

    The team visited this old fortification at the end of Brean Down. In one of the sub-terrainian rooms they experienced the sound of voices outside but on investigation nobody could be found. For more information on this phenomena look out for the forth-coming blog article.

  • May 2013

    Kings Weston House, Bristol

    The team investigated this atmospheric location, the former home of the Southwell family, which was a police training college from the 1950s. Folklore suggests that the spirit of a grey lady walks the upper floors and stairs of the property.

  • Apr 2013

    16th Century House in Gloucestershire

    The team investigated an impressive 16th century house in Gloucestershire, with a history of hauntings dating back to the time of Civil War and links with royalty.

  • Feb 2013

    The Bell at Buckland Dinham

    A second visit to this location with the benefit of new methodology to try to ascertain causes of the phenomena. See Facebook for photos.

  • Oct 2012

    Littledean Jail

    Conclusions (the full report is found on our member’s forum). This is the second visit to this location by the BSPRI and although, on the whole the location was quiet with regard to activity, it did offer one piece of audio phenomena which would justify further investigation. Sensationalised in Richard Jones’ book, Haunted Britain, the location is full of expectation for the paranormal investigator. An eclectic collection of memorabilia and gruesome exhibits and execution devices. This all adds to the atmosphere of the place. With the assistance of some friends from ASSAP this was a worthwhile investigation and the anomalous audio phenomena captured by Andrew Homer (which can be viewed on our Blog Site), shows that even veteran investigators with years of experience between them were excited about the sounds that they witnessed. These were described as two distinct metallic dragging sounds. Nothing could be found at the time which may have caused this.

Contact Us

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